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Highland celebrates the Class of 2017

On Thursday, June 22, Highland celebrated the graduating high school class of 2017. The athletic field was filled with graduates, faculty, staff, families and friends, all of whom had big smiles on their faces. There was cheering, laughter and even some happy tears shed.

“Class of 2017, you have provided each us with memories that we will carry for a lifetime,” said Principal Peter Harris. “Last night, I had the honor and privilege of welcoming the incoming class of 2021 to Highland High School,” Continued Harris, “I very happily remembered welcoming you, four short years ago.” Harris began the evening by sharing memories of the graduating class, singling out a few students here and there.

Looking back on memories, both fun and embarrassing, seemed to be the theme of the night. Salutatorian Frank Alfonso Jr. shared a similar sentiment, as he recounted an embarrassing moment from his freshman year, and how he had gotten trapped under a fallen desk. “If I could give advice to the incoming freshman class I would first recommend laughing and having fun,” said Alfonso.

Valedictorian Alexa Langseder, also recounted a few memories that stood out to her. “I would like to reflect on the past, say thanks to some honored guests, and look to our future,” said Langseder.

“Looking back on the last four years, we definitely left our mark here at Highland High School,” continued Langseder. She recounted times that her classmates had come together and made Highland High School history. “we were a class to be reckoned with,” Langseder had said.

“Our high school accomplishments were just the beginning. In the next decade, or so, we’ll be starting our careers, job promotions, traveling the world, buying a house, start a family.” Langseder continued, “It’s crazy to think about next year, let alone the next 10, but the past 13 in Highland went pretty fast. So, who’s to say the next 13 won’t be the same.”

By Emma Friedrich

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