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Contemporary printmaking on Ann Street

Safe Harbor’s Anne Street Gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an affordable print exhibition that continues throughout the month of July.
Bon Marché is a chance for the public to see and learn about contemporary printmaking and provides viewers an opportunity for discourse with the many exciting artists who are taking this ancient art into the 21st century.

This exhibition offers a contemporary view of printmaking in its many manifestations, encouraging both traditional techniques and experimental approach to printmaking, while showcasing the significance of the medium in today’s contemporary art.

With more than 200 distinctive pieces by 48 artists from across the country and abroad, the show presents a fluid exchange of ideas and explores the endless possibilities open to contemporary printmakers. Every form of the printmaking technique is covered, including calligraphy, etching, monotype, metal relief, dry point, silkscreen, polyplate, screen-printing, lithography, woodcut, collage, and digital. Viewers of the exhibition can also expect to see some original prints that break new ground in the use of the medium.

Bon Marché is dedicated to celebrating the art of printmaking and the goal is to introduce the medium to a wider audience, while promoting a better understanding of the process and fostering a greater appreciation of prints.

Featured Artists: Alexis Babian, Curtis Bartone, Gary Blake, Cecilla Caldiera, Ashlea Clark, John Carruthers, Brian D. Cohen, Joanne Cortez, Lilla Dent, Kara Dunne, Kathryn Comb, Samuel Rios Cuevas, Scott Fisk, Lindsey Guile, Angelica Fodor, Julianne Hunter, Brian Lynch, Matthias Kern, Holland Larsen, Chantelle Norton, Anthony Mead, Nicholas J. Mino, Tina Moore, Janett Pulido, Mellissa Ridman, Lia Santini, Sarah Serio, Barbara Smith, Kate Snow, Tao Tao, Joseph Taylor, Judy Thomas, Ely Urbanski, Dominique Vitali, Rachel Wallis, Andrienne Waterston, David J Webb, Emily Weihing, Grace Wen, Mary Westring, Dina Elizabeth White, Esther S. White, Rachel Williams, Erin Wohletz, and Jayoung Yoon.

The exhibition was curated by Virginia Walsh and will be on view through Saturday, July 29,.

The Safe Harbors Ann Street Gallery is a nonprofit art gallery specializing in contemporary emerging and established artists. The gallery is located at 104 Ann Street in Newburgh, and hours are Monday through Thursday 9 am-5 pm, and Friday through Saturday 11 am-5 pm, Newburgh Last Saturday until 8pm.

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