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Lloyd Democrats select candidates

The Lloyd Democratic Party held its caucus last week, under the chairmanship of Joseph Avampato, and nominated their slate of candidates for town offices in November. There were no contested seats and in quick succession the party faithful chose their slate.

Russ Gilmore nominated Scott McCarthy for the office of Town Councilman.

“Every now and then someone comes along who can make a difference in our community, someone who has shown integrity, honesty [and] someone who will represent us…He is a doer and he gets it done.”

Rose Sinagra seconded McCarthy’s nomination.

“He’s honest, dependable, sincere, he’s reasonable, he’s intelligent and a great listener…When Scott is on the Town Board he will do what is best for the town,” she said.

Pam Krimsky nominated Claire Winslow to the second open seat on the Town Council, saying she is an honest and fair person, with Bob Haskins seconding the motion, pointing out that she is not afraid to voice her opinion and if elected “will let you know what’s wrong with this town. Let’s give her a chance to do so.”

Joanne Lesser nominated Rich Klotz for Town Highway Superintendent, saying his experience over the past six years plus his 40 years in the construction business makes a big difference.

“Rich Klotz has what is required to continue to serve as Highway Superintendent,” she said.

Mike Guerriero seconded the nomination, saying Klotz has done a wonderful job for the town.

Claire Winslow nominated Terry Elia for the position of Town Justice.

Terry has been a life-long fireman for the town. He’s done a lot for the schools with the bus system and has done so much for the town,” she said, adding that he officiated at her wedding. “He was very sweet and thoughtful, so he’s always been a very special friend to me.”

Joe Mazetti seconded the nomination, asking what makes a great Town Justice. – “integrity, honesty, caring, Terry Elia possesses all of these traits…and donates much of his time to protect us and makes sure our laws are upheld. It is with great pleasure and honor that I second the nomination of Terry Elia.”

Wendy Rosinski nominated Rosalie Peplow for Town Clerk, a position she has held for 31 years. Rosinski has worked with Peplow in various capacities and stressed that Peplow’s experience makes her invaluable to the town. Mike Guerriero seconded the nomination and Joe Avampato reminded the caucus that former Supervisor Jon Decker affectionately called her “Our Lady Of the Bronx,” alluding to her home county in New York City. “Rosalie is an institution and I am happy to also second her nomination,” Avampato said.

Peplow is thankful to have had this position for so long.

“I feel very blessed to have this job because it makes me so happy to be able to help people and that’s what I like to do,” she said. “I have a mission in keeping the lines of communication open among the departments in town and I think that’s very important.”

Bob Haskins nominated Fred Pizzuto for Town Supervisor. He said Pizzuto has a “strong fiscal background, someone who served as Deputy Controller of Dutchess County, someone who has the ability to be a full time Supervisor and someone who is going to break the dysfunction we have in our government at this time, someone who will make Lloyd’s government work for all of us, not just for a select few.”

Klotz said he is running for a fourth, two-year term. He said his priority is “getting the roads up to snuff, there are still some in pretty bad shape.” Lloyd has a total of 131 lane miles.

In the last town election Winslow came up just shy of winning the Supervisor’s race but is still interested in contributing to her community.

“I bring honesty, I bring clarity [and] I bring just kindness and trying to do the right thing that represents the entire town,” she said. “I feel like this slate brings us back to the ethics of some of the old Supervisors who really paid attention to this town and did really great things and fought for grants for this town.”

Winslow said “the whole towing nightmare” is one reason she decided to run again this year. In addition she is concerned about what development projects get approved, especially the types of construction that are allowed and the “number of beds we put in this town.”

Pizzuto said running for Supervisor is a logical progression of his pubic/private service, having been a Lloyd Town Councilman 30 years ago and has served as an Ulster County and [later a] Dutchess County Legislator. He worked in the mortgage banking industry and was a Deputy Controller in Dutchess County. He moved back to Highland 13 years ago and presently serves on the Town Planning Board.

“I think I have my own vision and I think mine hopefully is in line with what the town is looking for and the direction it wants to go in,” he said.

Pizzuto believes Lloyd does not see “mega-development” in her future.

“There is smart development like we have going on at the top of Toc Drive; that individual is now in the ground and building,” he said. “Its a long, long-term project and that’s smart, but we also need to bring business into downtown and into the corridors.”

By Mark Reynolds

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