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Mid Hudson TimesMonteverde, Sofokles and Shakur win in Democratic primary

Monteverde, Sofokles and Shakur win in Democratic primary

Unofficial polling results from the primary election on Tuesday show Ramona Monteverde and Patty Sofokles were chosen as the Democratic nominees for Newburgh City Council. Omari Shakur appears to have defeated Kevindaryan Lujan with a handful of votes to become the Democratic nominee in Legislative District 4.

Monteverde faced Nancy Colas to win the Democratic nomination in Ward 2, with 149 votes to 43; Sofokles, a tax accountant, defeated incumbent Councilwoman Cindy Holmes to become the Democratic nominee in Ward 4, with 146 votes to 129.

Monteverde held her breathe as the results came in on Tuesday night. “This is Newburgh,” she said. “You never know what’s going to happen. It could have gone either way.”

“I’m excited about the fact that I’ll be able to help the city move in the direction it should be going,” said Monteverde, who currently serves on the City of Newburgh Planning Board. “We’re going to keep it moving forward.”

Incumbent Democratic Councilwoman Karen Mejia ran unopposed in Ward 1. Former county and city Democratic Committee chairman Jonathan Jacobson also ran unopposed in Ward 3.

Shakur managed to barely squeeze by his challenger – 288 votes to 282 – to become the Democratic candidate in District 4 of the Orange County Legislature, covering the east side of the City of Newburgh and Balmville. “I won’t make an official statement until we get the official results in from the county,” said Shakur on Tuesday night, as absentee ballots will take a few days to be counted.

Retired police sergeant George Meyers and New Windsor Town Justice Noreen Calderin both succeeded in getting the Conservative nomination for the town justice seat over town Justice Richard Thorpe. They drew 42, 38 and 21 votes, respectively.

Kathy Stegenga defeated Scott Congiusti, with 33 votes to 18, to run as the Conservative candidate in Legislative District 11, serving the towns of New Windsor, Hamptonburgh, Blooming Grove and the Village of Washingtonville.


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