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Wallkill Valley TimesRoad safety still a Crawford issue

Road safety still a Crawford issue

Motor vehicle accidents are still an issue in Crawford, leaving residents worried about the safety of their loved ones and frustrated with their representatives.

With the addition of new traffic signs that do not match with road striping, drivers are placed in dangerous situations, according to Jim Powell of Ulsterville.

Last month there was a total of 16 motor vehicle accidents in Crawford, with 13 accidents resulting in property damage and three accidents resulting in personal injury. For Powell, the issue hits home.

“When my granddaughter, who just got her license, comes up to me and says that there’s a ‘Do Not Pass’ sign on the side of the road in Bullville but the road has a broken line, that’s not right,” he said last week at a town hall meeting. “There’s been so many accidents in this town.”

Powell is also concerned about how his money is being used.

“It’s our tax dollars at stake,” he says. “Many young people get into accidents around here because of speeding.” Powell believes an addition of a traffic light by the Pine Bush High School could possibly combat the rate of accidents and tickets being issued. This year to date, Crawford police have issued almost 1,000 traffic tickets for speeding.

Town Councilman Daniel Flanick says that there is nothing that the town can do about the traffic signs. “What we do is write down our concerns and send them over to Dominick (Blasko),” he says. Blasko, Crawford Chief of Police, however, says that there is only so much that can be done other than address the concerns.

“The problem is that when I speak to them (New York State Department of Transportation), we’re told it’s a state job and it’s all done in phases,” he says. “It’s up to them.”
Calls to the Department of Transportation were not returned last week.

In other business, Town Supervisor Charles Carnes spoke briefly about the 2018 water budget. The water budget is being increased from $100,000 to $125,000 for next year amid concerns from residents about the town’s water quality. “We’re putting an extra $25,000 toward the engineering of two new wells,” he says. “We’re planning on building one of the new wells by the DuBois property, off of Route 52.”

Residents previously reported inadequate water sanitation, citing foul smell, sludge and discoloration of water in their homes. Carnes hopes that water quality improves and the residents will be pleased. For the month of August, the average gallon per day usage of water in Crawford was 215,043 gallons. A public hearing for the 2018 budget is set for next month, Oct. 19 at the Crawford Town Hall in Pine Bush.

The Town Board also approved a motion from town Water and Sewer Superintendent Tom McKelvey to cancel a contract with Goosetown Communications. In August of 2015, a contract was signed for the company to install equipment that would allow wells to turn on and off by the level in the storage tanks along with equipment installed that would show the level of the storage tank. As to date, equipment has been installed but nothing is working. The Water and Sewer Department also has never been charged for the job and the department is now looking for other companies to perform the task.

By Jaspreet Gill

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  • Dana:

    Take a look at what the state & county just did to Route 52 from Walden to Pine Bush! They made it a complete nightmare to drive on. They “shimmed” the sides & center line causing severe tire pull. It is unsafe & winter will only make it worse. Taxpayer money was spent to do the shoddy work & it needs to be addressed! I have heard from heavy duty truck drivers that have said it is horrendous to drive on for them as well. This was no fix by any means.

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