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Highland updates construction work

Lou Rodriguez, of the Palombo Group, gave the Highland School board an update on the construction work in the district.

Rodriguez gave updates on Phase Ia, the first scope of work that went out for bid, Phase Ib and the project as a whole, the “big picture” and some of the alternates that were selected and a few others that were not chosen.

Under Phase Ia by Key Contracting, the bus garage is completed, the High School and elementary schools are completed but the windows and doors at the Middle School that were to be finished by the end of the summer is now projected to be finished by October 1.

Phase Ia site work- Meyer Contracting competed the bus garage at the high school and the scoreboard at the football field is finished. Some minor sidewalk caulking was also finished. Rodriguez said the work on the athletic field is “looking good and we’re going to be closing this contractor out pretty soon.”

The electrical contract (light poles) at all three schools, also by Meyer Contracting, will be closed out soon.

Phase 1b.1 at the Elementary school:
Key Construction Services is to date at $1,161,371 and work will be completed by October 1 with the exception of the kitchen equipment cafeteria, the main office entrance, library and computer lab. These items will soon be completed.

“Right now there is $20,549 left in the allowance that’s still available in that contract,” he said.

All of the HVAC work by Clean Air Quality, for $384,600 has been finished and $23,000 is left in their allowance.

Pittsfield Pipers has $151,250 in contract value and all work has been completed, with 100% of their allowance used “when doing investigatory work in the kitchen there will be about $4,000 coming in change orders from them above and beyond their contract value.”

Work by Hudson Valley Electrical Construction & Maintenance will be finished by November 19, with the contract at $540,610. This is to include fire alarm, kitchen, cafeteria, main entrance, library computer lab, leaving $10,000 in this allowance line.

Phase 1b.2 at the High School and Bus Garage
The General Contractor, Dobtel Construction, has a contract value at $1,005,464. The cistern has been lined and is operational; gas line new propane is completed; the main office is complete, including glazing; locker rooms are finished, Fitness Room is ready; in the summer of 2018 work will be done on the stage sound, computer labs and the kitchen. There is $29,500 left in this contract.

CB Strain did the HVAC work for $486,050. They will return in the summer of 2018 for kitchen upgrades on the exhaust and $15,099 remains in their line.

Plumbing work was done by Dutchess Mechanical for $180,100. The final kitchen work will be done in the summer of 2018 and $600 remains in this line.

The contract for Hudson Valley Electrical Construction and Maintenance stands at $1,541,361 for this phase, which will be completed by November 19. Some kitchen work remains and there is $20,337 in their allowance line.

Phase 1b.3 Middle School
The General Contractor is Optimus with a contract of $1,111,303. The main office was finished on October 1; the Home Economics room, including duct work, is scheduled for completion by December 31. Optimus will return in the summer of 2018 to finish the toilet rooms, a computer lab, and kitchen upgrades. There is $35,165. Remaining in this allowance line.

DJ Heating handled the HVAC work for $1,055,110 which was ready by the opening of this school year. They also will return in the summer of 2018 to finish the toilet rooms, a computer lab along with kitchen upgrades. There is $32,168 remaining in their allowance line.

Dutchess Mechanical did the plumbing work for $226,200. They also will return in the summer of 2018 for the toilet rooms, a computer lab and for kitchen upgrades. Their allowance line stands at $8,000.

Kasselman Electric’s contract was for $425,785. They are on schedule but will be back in the summer of 2018 for the same three area upgrades. Their allowance line also is $8,000.

Overview of the total budget
Rodriguez gave a summary of the total costs of the project.

Phase 1a contracts, including holding $75,000 in construction contingencies (on top of the allowances) – $5,220,602.

Phase 1b contracts including holding $300,000 in construction contingencies and $208,052 in Day Automation work – $8,781,256.

To be awarded/ direct contracts – $144,717 for a shed and a few additional items that will be direct purchases by the district and not bid through the Palombo Group.

There is $3,118,952 in incidental costs, with full financing costs built into this amount.

The total projected costs to date is $17,265,527 and the approved bond was $17,500,000. There is a running balance of $294,472 and all of the remaining allowances in the contracts stands at $285,712.

Rodriguez provided the school board with a review of the alternates from the latest bids, which does not include the tennis courts or the front circle, which was from an earlier bid.

Computer Labs at the Middle and High Schools were selected for $114,196; a generator at the Elementary school was approved for $82,373; toilet rooms at the Middle School for $369,089 was selected and will be done in 2018 and High School team locker rooms were selected and completed for $141,091.

Items not selected: Roofing work across all three schools for $879,620; two generators for $203,376, LED stage lighting for $203,689; High School corridor lockers for $202,163 and a Bus Garage lift for $195,200. Rodriguez suggested the board begin a conversation about these items and what they would like to see happen in 2018.

Board President Alan Barone said items that were not selected, which totals $1,684,048, were part of the original $17.5 million project that was approved by the public. The alternate list was created and items chosen to be listed on it after the board began receiving bids for work that came in higher than expected. He said savings might accrue from allowances that contractors did not use or when the final financing terms are compiled. This may allow the board to pay for some of the items on the alternative list.

To round out his presentation, Rodriguez provided the board with photographs that were taken during construction.

“They represent a flavor of the history and conditions of all phases of projects that are in construction,” he pointed out.

By Mark Reynolds

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