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Southern Ulster TimesLloyd approves new lights at town park

Lloyd approves new lights at town park

At last week’s workshop meeting, the Lloyd Town Board continued discussing what type of poles and lights to purchase for the softball field at Tony Williams Park, an issue that has caused friction among board members for the past few months.

At the board’s request Recreation Director Frank Alfonso obtained quotes for the work that totaled $82,035. Broken out, Musco Lighting will provide six halo lights, frames and wiring under state bid for $49,785. Bragg’s Electric was the low bidder at $32,250 and will provide and install the wooden poles and make all of the necessary electrical connections.

Alfonso told the board that the cost for metal poles would fall between $180,000 to $190,000. Councilman Kevin Brennie favored this option because of their longevity, pointing out that metal poles were put up at the Little League field “and 22 years later it looks like they’re brand new, so it would have been a shame if the Little League had to come up with $90,000 this year to replace those poles because they chose to go wooden.”

Brennie urged the board to reconsider purchasing metal poles, saying that approving wooden poles “is the biggest backward thing I’ve ever seen. We should put in the best poles that gives the best bang for the buck.” He said the town has $122,000 available in recreation fees that the town has collected from developers after their projects are approved.

The board rejected the metal poles for the park by a vote of 4 to 1, with Brennie being the sole no vote. Just before the board approved the purchase of wooden poles and lights for $82,035 by a vote of 3-2, Councilman Joe Mazzetti explained why he joined Brennie in the minority.

“We voted on this before and voted on it no. We did ask Frank [Alfonso] to get us the bids but it was pushed against our lawyers advisement and put to a vote and we voted no on it. Again now it is being brought to us after discussion about metal poles and then back to wooden poles and I’m of the belief that we discuss some things we’re going to vote on because this is newly being brought up at our nightly [regular Nov. 15th] meeting.

Councilman Jeff Paladino said the voting is because of procedural reasons, “which is why we waited until our workshop.”

Alfonso said it will take about a month for the materials to arrive. At that point he will meet with the companies that will do the work “and figure out how we’re going to get to the next part of this and if it can be done now or have to wait until the spring.”

Bookkeeper seeks payment from Walkway
Town Bookkeeper Karen McPeck informed the Town Board that she has billed the Walkway Over the Hudson for a total of $18,000 to cover engineering and attorney fees associated with the new Welcome Center that is being built on the western side of the Walkway. She indicated that she has not yet received payment and recently sent them a second bill.

“Its a substantial amount that we’re waiting for,” she said, adding that this represents two years of bills, starting in 2016.

Peck explained that the Town of Lloyd and the Walkway Over the Hudson reached this understanding rather than having Walkway put money into an escrow account as is typically done.

“It was agreed upon that we would just bill them for the engineering and attorney fees,” she said. “I don’t know that they have a deadline but I’m assuming at some point maybe we could shut the water off if they don’t pay it. I don’t think they are even to that point where they have water yet, they’re still working on that.”

Peck said she also sent board members copies of an updated employee handbook for their review and input. The last one was compiled in 2003.

Tow List Application Fee
After realizing they had never adopted a towing list application fee, the board unanimously approved an annual charge of $100 that will cover the Police Department’s time for inspections.

“That’s the fastest tow business we ever completed,” Brennie quipped.

Police Report
Chief Daniel Waage submitted his monthly report for activities in October; 839 calls for service; 361 calls for public service; 52 accidents; 96 tickets issued; 40 arrests; foot patrols in the hamlet by officers and Sgt. 190 hours and an additional 45 hours in the schools. Foot patrols by the Chief and Lt totaled 3 hours in the hamlet and 3 hours in the schools.

The Police Department raised $2,250 at a “Cops and Pizza” fundraiser that was held at Vigneto Restaurant with the money donated to the Red Cross to aid in hurricane relief; Chief Waage was on Fox 5 for an upcoming documentary on the current opioid/heroin epidemic; the Town of Lloyd Youth Recreation League held assorted games with 10 children; Chief Waage and Sgt. Roloson spoke to students at Rose Hill Manor Day Care about their duties as Police Officers and the department assisted in traffic control and pedestrian safety at the Alzheimer’s Walk that was attended by approximately 1,300 people; The department also assisted at the ALS Walk (Lou Gehrig’s disease) that was attended by approximately 2,100 people; Waage and Roloson met with Highland interim School Superintendent Thomas Bongiovi to discuss school safety issues as a way to foster continued cooperation and communication between the school and the police department; the Police patrolled a ‘Night in Little Italy’ in the hamlet; the department participated in the Halloween festivities, also in the hamlet and had extra patrols on Halloween night itself; the Chief and Lt. James Janso attended a public safety program sponsored by Rep. John Faso that focused on protecting soft targets, such as houses of worship, from terrorism. Vadim Thomas, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Albany Division was joined by his FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, local law enforcement and leaders of local faith communities.

By Mark Reynolds

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