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Southern Ulster TimesPizzuto challenges Hansut in Lloyd

Pizzuto challenges Hansut in Lloyd

Incumbent Paul Hansut is being challenged in his bid for a fourth term by Frederick Pizzuto in the Town of Lloyd election on Nov. 7.

Paul Hansut
Republican Paul Hansut who is running for a fourth term for Supervisor, said when he first took office in 2012 he felt that the town government was not as transparent as people wanted. He started to fix that by making sure that Town Board meetings were live-streamed to allow residents who could not attend to watch them. In addition, the meetings are shown again on cable.

Hansut said he has been fiscally responsible to the taxpayers.

“The NYS Comptroller’s office released a fiscal stress monitoring report and for the last two out of three years the Town of Lloyd has been 0.0%,” he said.

Hansut said he takes his job of serving the community very seriously.

“I take issues probably too much to heart [but] I believe as elected officials you have the responsibility to do your homework, do your research and participate in the way government is running,” he said, adding that “I want to see things done the right way. If you do your due diligence I think disagreements and conversations are healthy for government.”

Hansut said some people mistakenly call him a bully when in reality he is passionately committed to issues affecting his town. He’s promised to continue pushing to improve water and sewer infrastructure and will investigate if grant money is available to fix crumbling sidewalks, especially in the hamlet area. He believes the western extension of the rail trail will commence early in 2018; “We have a lot of good, positive things coming.”

Hansut said he welcomes public input.

“Concerns that residents have I don’t blow off; I try to follow up on them and I try to get them answers,” he said.

Hansut said the Hamlet has seen a resurgence.

“I’m not going to pat myself on the back for the success of the hamlet. It is based on some young people who have decided to invest in the hamlet because they see the potential here,” he said. “All I try to do is be a problem solver, a facilitator if they need something.”

Hansut offered his philosophy about politics.

“When it comes to politics, I try to get along with everybody,” he said. “If you look at the boards and committees here in the town, they are not loaded with Republicans only. I think it’s important for people to realize that I don’t look at political stuff, I look at what they can bring to the table and what can they do for the town…My roots of being from the community, understanding the needs of the people and my ability to network with state, county and federal officials, I think is what makes me the best person for the job.”

Frederick Pizzuto
Even though Fred Pizzuto is a member of the Independence Party, he is running for Supervisor on the Democratic line this November. He previously served on the Town Board decades ago but this is the first time he is seeking the office of the Supervisor. Pizzuto presently serves on the town’s Planning Board and previously on the Lloyd Revolving Loan fund.

Pizzuto said he decided to run for office “because there seemed to be a lack of unity” on the Town Board. He said this element is especially important in order to capitalize on the town’s many attractions, such as the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, the Walkway Over the Hudson and the Highland Landing Park.

Pizzuto said Lloyd should continue to commercially develop the Route 9W and Rte. 299 corridors.

“I think we could ratchet it up a little bit as far as going out and looking for that kind of industry,” he said.

Pizzuto said he would work full-time as the Supervisor.

“I just wouldn’t be the type of person to operate it remotely on a cell phone versus being in the office with the door open for people to come to with day to day stuff, dealing “hands-on” with inside rather than outside.”

Pizzuto has 35 years of experience as a certified mortgage banker and has handled multi-million budgets while serving in the Dutchess County Legislature.

“On day one when you start the job, I don’t need to be trained; it is something I can wrap my hands around,” he said. “I think I can bring a cohesiveness to the town from my years of experience, both from the standpoint of what I did for a career and also what I did in public service.” He said he is a moderate on most issues “which kind of puts me in the middle,” a position he feels will help to bring the Town Board together.

Pizzuto said he is a bit “old school” when it comes to campaigning, doing it with shoe leather to the pavement by knocking on doors and speaking with the voters.

Pizzuto said it is important to have a person “who is on their toes” looking for development grants 24/7 as a way for the town to progress.

“Once the grant becomes available you really don’t have to chase the grant [but] you really have to have projects in place ahead of time and then hope and pray that grants come along because once the projects are in place, then you chase the grant through the NYS Senate and Assembly for dollars. It doesn’t work vice versa; you can’t put the cart before the horse.”

By Mark Reynolds

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