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Southern Ulster TimesLloyd developer seeks project modification

Lloyd developer seeks project modification

Lloyd Building Department Director Dave Barton told the Town Board that the developer of the Mountainside Woods residential project is seeking to modify his previously approved phased construction schedule.

Barton said there are 22 homes out of a possible 39 in Phase Ia that have building permits pulled. The original agreement states that the developer has to have 26 building permits out before he can move on to the next phase of the project, which is Ib.

“Their desire is to move on to Phase II as opposed to Phase Ib,” he said.

Barton said Phase II is more conducive to building ranch style of housing, which is now in demand by seniors who are seeking single-level living.

“Phase II actually offers them [developer] more flexibility with the type of building they can put up, most importantly for them, the ranches,” Barton said.

Barton said the homes at Mountainside Woods are selling at market-rate or better, due in part to the installation of some ancillary items, such as sidewalks and street poles. Supervisor Paul Hansut said initially the developer projected the smaller homes would sell for $240,000 but they are realizing prices in the $260,000 to $270,000 range.

Lloyd Building Department Director Dave Barton points to the phased changes that are being requested by the developer of Mountainside Woods.

Barton began seeing selling prices rise after reviewing their own departmental analysis on vacancies and one that was done by the county.

“Ulster County was still super-low and Lloyd is still running at about 2 percent for vacancies,” he said.

Barton said if the board allows the developer to move to Phase II he will have to complete 9 out of 17 units before moving on to yet another section of the multi-phased project.

Barton said he will work with the town’s attorney to prepare a resolution for the Town Board to approve that would allow the developer to move on to Phase II.

Councilman Joe Mazzetti voiced concern over this proposed change in the phasing of the project. He suggested raising the number of pulled building permits in Phases Ia and Phase 2 to avoid seeing the accumulation of a large number of unsold lots or that any clear-cutting be permitted in other phases that would stand for a long period of time before they were built on.

Barton said he understood Mazzetti’s concern, “but at the rate they are selling I can’t imagine that will be the case. They started construction a little over a year ago and they are at 22 lots. I have not seen 22 lots in a single year, until last year, in the ten and a half years that I’ve been here. I don’t think it will be a problem.”

Supervisor Hansut urged his fellow board members to review the proposed changes to the developer’s phased construction agreement, which will be back before the board for approval at their next

By Mark Reynolds

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