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Lloyd Ethics chair removed

At last week’s Lloyd reorganization meeting, a motion made by Councilman Joe Mazzetti to reappoint Jill Indelicato to a three-year term on the Board of Ethics failed to receive a second, which removes her from the board. Indelicato has long served as the Chairperson of this volunteer board.

Ethics Board member Raphael Diaz asked the board why Indelicato was not reappointed.

“I’ve worked with her, she’s a great chairperson, she was prepared and did all of her homework. She’s a real asset to the community and the work she did on the Ethics Board,” he said. “No politics ever entered in and why is she just not being accepted? Is there anything regarding her behavior on the Ethics Board? Is it based on something she did?”

Supervisor Paul Hansut said there were no cases brought before the Ethics Board in nearly six years but Diaz reminded him that there was a significant amount of activity before them in the past “and Jill really led us very well. You’re losing a terrific asset.” He said Indelicato also helped craft the present town Ethics law and pushed for a major revision in 2016 that now allows “any citizen who finds a situation that they’re unhappy with or think might be unethical involving an employee, they could come directly to the board; before they could not do that and she fought for that for four or five years.”

The board instead appointed Peter Cordovano to a three-year term on the Ethics Board, ending December 31, 2020.

In further explanation, Winslow said during the controversy surrounding the Trail View Place project she spoke with Indelicato.

“I really wasn’t happy with what she came back at, I felt she was unfair so I was never a big supporter of hers in that position ever, and I think most people who know me knew that so that’s why I wasn’t for her because I didn’t feel she was honorable in that position,” she said. “I asked her to look into it and she kind of blew me off on it and I didn’t feel satisfied with her answer so that’s why I’ve never been a big fan of her on the Ethics Board.”

Mazzetti said Indelicato always handled herself very professionally and he had no issue with her reappointment but she did not have the support of the board. He said he would have supported her if there was a second on the motion and then a vote on her appointment.

Hansut said in the last six months he began to question if he could support Indelicato for another term.

“I was a little disappointed in some of the choices and some of the things that she did,” he said, “I didn’t know if she would be impartial serving on the Ethics Board moving forward…I think it’s clear Claire [Winslow] has had issues with her, Mike [Guerriero] has had issues with her but me, particularly, I lost a little confidence with her [during the campaign].”

Jill Indelicato took sharp issue with the veracity of Winslow’s comments, saying she never talked to Winslow about the Trail View Place project. Indelicato said she has had only two conversations with Winslow in the course of five years; the first during her unsuccessful run for Supervisor, telling Winslow that she was supporting Paul Hansut, “because I don’t think you have the experience to run for Supervisor.” The second conversation of a simple hello took place at Winslow’s establishment, The Would Restaurant, after Winslow lost her race for Supervisor.

Indelicato contends that she was not reappointed for political reasons because she did not support a majority of the people on the board during the last election cycle.

“It’s bad enough to be removed from a board as a volunteer with no good reason other than political sway [but] to have anybody sit there and assault the integrity of that board and me with a lie is unacceptable,” Indelicato said of Winslow’s actions.

Indelicato said she intends to question Winslow about this at the next Town Board meeting.

“We need people to stand up to the Town Board and elected officials when they act inappropriately or make bad decisions and I intend on being one of those individuals,” Indelicato said.

By Mark Reynolds

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