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Mid Hudson TimesCampbell: Town police in better shape for 2018

Campbell: Town police in better shape for 2018

Chief of police Bruce Campbell recapped the Town of Newburgh police department’s accomplishments from 2017 at the February 13 town board meeting.

Despite the police department being down as many as fourteen officers due to injuries and retirements, the department was able to promote and hire multiple officers over the course of 2017, using buyout and retirements as incentives. The town made two lieutenant promotions, six sergeant promotions, and hired thirteen new police officers. Campbell added that the department also has two officers in the academy who are due to graduate on March 23.

“We do still have 5 out on injury, one sergeant and four officers, but we are in much better shape this year than we were last year,” Campbell said.

In spite of the strain on the town of Newburgh’s police department, in 2017 the officers handled 28,900 blotters, 3,940 case reports, made 4,000 arrests, issued 3,500 tickets, and took 1,700 accident reports. The detective division investigated 361 cases, closing over 100 of them in arrests, including all three bank robberies that occurred in the town last year. The town’s police also took down a major heroin distributor, seizing 2,700 decks of heroin, $50,000 in cash, and a hand gun.

The police department continues to make improvements in 2018, starting with purchasing two more roadside speed indicators, three of which are already located across town. The signs are solar-powered, collect data on traffic from both directions, and can be removed and redeployed to another location.

“It gives you a lot of information too that can be downloaded, about speeders and what not,” Supervisor Gil Piaquadio explained. “It’s capable of many features.”

The police department also requested to purchase computers and related equipment to be installed into the town’s four new patrol cars that were purchased in 2017.

By Lauren Berg

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