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Southern Ulster TimesFormer Ethics Chair slams town board

Former Ethics Chair slams town board

Last week the former chairwoman of the Lloyd Ethics Board Jill Indelicato lit into two members of the Town Board – Claire Winslow and Supervisor Paul Hansut – for comments that they made last month when she was not reappointed to the Ethics Board.

Indelicato took issue first with Winslow.

“Claire, you in the newspaper article said I was not honorable to serve in that position. You went on to say its because you asked me to look into Trailview [development project]. Do you know the month and the year that you submitted a letter to the Ethics Board?”

Winslow said she did not submit a letter but only had a private conversation. Indelicato countered that, saying the two only talked when Winslow was running for the position of Town Supervisor.

Supervisor Hansut halted the back and forth, saying “we’re not going to single out board members and go this way.” Indelicato responded saying, “I am going to single out the two board members that had something to say to the local paper with regard to my integrity and my honor-ability. That board and my integrity have meant more to me in my entire life for at least in my sobriety of thirty-six years than anything else; I’ve never done anything to disrespect that board or the integrity of myself nor that board.”

Jill Indelicato hands Town Board member Claire Winslow a copy of Facebook posts that Winslow had listed last year that were critical of the women of Lloyd.

Indelicato said there was no conversation with Winslow about the Trailview project. Instead, Indelicato said she had only three conversations with Winslow, one at her restaurant when she purchased soup, another was a simple hello when she came for dinner, and a third when Winslow came to her home during the time she was running for Supervisor, asking “Do we have a problem?” Indelicato responded no, with Winslow pressing, “Why aren’t you supporting me for Supervisor?” Indelicato gave her reasons and noted that was the extent of her interactions with Winslow.

Indelicato approached Winslow at the board meeting and handed her a copy of two Facebook posts that Winslow had listed last year. In Indelicato’s opinion, Winslow’s posts were crass and demeaning to the intelligence of women in Lloyd and whether they can stand up and take their place in the world.

Indelicato said she had these before the November election.

“Even though I feel you do not belong in that seat because of these comments, I did not publish this prior to the election day publicly,” Indelicato said. “I will hand it to you now so you can see I was honorable not to do that.”

Indelicato then turned to Hansut, questioning why “all of a sudden” he felt that she could no longer be impartial while serving on the Ethics Board. She indicated that this may have arisen during the last election cycle because of political differences but it should have no bearing on her ability to be unbiased while on the board.

“I think you need to go home and look in the mirror and determine who’s not impartial,” she said, with Hansut responding “I look every night and every morning.”

In closing, Indelicato said the people who were appointed to the Ethics Board are the Vice Chair of the Republican Committee Peter Cordavano and the Chairman of the Democratic Committee Bob Haskins. She said she does not know these men but pointed out that as members of their party’s hierarchy, their job is to guide and protect their candidates. She said in spite of obvious conflicts of interest, the Town Board went ahead and appointed these individuals to what she characterized as the “community’s Ethics Board.”

Both Winslow and Hansut declined comment for this story.

By Mark Reynolds

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