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Southern Ulster TimesBullet found in Marlboro classroom

Bullet found in Marlboro classroom

On Monday a bullet was found in a classroom at the Marlboro Elementary School that had been brought in by a student.

Superintendent Michael Brooks released a statement on the incident.

“Today a small bullet was found on the floor of a classroom at the Marlboro Elementary School. Building administration acted immediately to ascertain how the bullet ended up in the school. The District’s School Resource Office conducted an investigation and it was determined that the presence of the ammunition was not intended for causing harm and at no time were any students or staff in any danger. The matter is now being handled directly with the child and parents in accordance with well established District policies and procedures related to school discipline.

“This incident reminds us how important it is to be aware of what items your child is bringing to school each day, as well as what they may be arriving home with. Children do not always understand the ramifications associated with even accidentally possessing items that are not allowed on school grounds.

“Our faculty and staff, and even our students, all have a heightened sense of awareness for safety and security in our schools. This vigilance, along with open communications about anything out of the ordinary, is an important factor in continuing to keep our children safe. Please be assured that this is an absolute priority.”

Superintendent Brooks nor Elementary School Principal Patricia Walsh could be reached for further comment for this article. The Marlborough Police stated they do not comment on incidents involving minors.

By Mark Reynolds

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