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  • Purchaser found for Danskammer plant

    A new purchaser for the bankrupt and non-functioning Danskammer power plant in the Town of Newburgh has emerged following failed negotiations with the company that had won bidding rights last December.

  • Fire department overtime soars

    Item 28 on the Newburgh City Council agenda Monday night was an eye-grabber. The council was voting on the transfer of $100,000 from general fund, $238,000 from TANs (Tax Anticipation Notes) and $24,000 from bond issuance expense to fund fire department overtime.

  • Council to bodegas: Ditch the drug products

    Alden Link, owner of property at 120 Broadway that includes a bodega, came before the Newburgh City Council Monday night pleading for an additional hour of business for the owner of the bodega.

  • Rebuilding Newburgh

    Part I of a series The City of Newburgh is undergoing change. From citywide cleanups to housing and arts initiatives, the effort toward revitalization has touched almost every sector of the city. In this series, the Mid Hudson Times takes a close look at various revitalization initiatives and the city-related issues affecting them.

  • Fighting crime with technology

    Town of Newburgh Police Chief Michael Clancy didn’t sugarcoat the crime statistics for the first half of 2013 when he was interviewed this week. The numbers are good – but there is a reason for that, he explained.

  • Wasteland on the water

    A multi-million dollar company is seeking tax relief under a state program to assist in the cleanup of a contaminated property on River Road in New Windsor.

  • Danskammer deal is dead

    The pending sale of the Danskammer power plant in the Town of Newburgh to ICS NY Holdings is dead. Failure of ICS to meet a deadline for consummating the sale set by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Cecelia Morris was the final nail in the coffin.

  • Deadline day for Danskammer

    The potential buyer of the Danskammer power plant faces a deadline of today to decide whether it will go forward with the $3.5 million purchase of the 60-year-old plant it plans to demolish for its scrap metal.

  • Grease blamed for New Windsor blaze

    A fire ripped through the New Windsor Gardens apartment complex Monday, destroying two apartments and causing water and smoke damage to six others.

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